What Happens When We Say Yes

What Happens When We Say Yes

What Happens When We Say Yes? July 2020, by Trudy Klassen

Saying “Yes” to resource development means saying “Yes” to:

The device you are reading this on

The glasses you may be using to read your favourite books

The chair you are sitting on

The clothes you are wearing

The shelter you were born under

The vaccinations you received to prevent many deadly diseases

The food that sustains you

The smooth road you travel on to your job

Saying “No” does not mean we won’t have access to the above list, but it will mean that other countries will be providing us with those things, using the profits to improve their:

Health Care


Veteran care

Senior Care


Influence around the world

….while ours will decline.

“But what about our environment?” “But, what about my neighbourhood?”

Saying “Yes” means being responsible and mature enough to realize that we can’t have something for nothing.

Saying “Yes” means sacrificing parts of our land base to industry.

Saying “Yes” means doing our part to produce the materials and develop them responsibly.

Saying “Yes” to resource development in BC means our children and friends can stay here while advancing their careers for the betterment of all.

Saying “Yes” improves our health care, education, veteran and elder care, infrastructure, and influence.

So the next time someone says “No!” to “XYZ Project” ask them if they have thought about what could happen if they said “Yes” instead.

Trudy Klassen