Two Industries – One Objective

Two Industries – One Objective

In the past year Prince George has had announcements of two major multi-billion dollar projects. Both of these projects are not only exciting for the city but also huge announcements at a provincial level. One is a petro-chemical plant utilizing existing pipelines and BC resources to create higher value products. The other is a bio-fuel facility that will utilize hemp grown by BC farmers. While I’m always excited to hear about new resource development in the province these two projects will add an interesting mix to the city.

You might wonder how you could come to support a petro-chemical plant while also supporting a renewable, agricultural hemp facility. At first glance it seems that there is nothing similar. While different in many ways, from my perspective the projects are very similar. While mis-conceptions, unfair public connotations, or environmental stances may cause them to be viewed in different light, the real focus should be that both have significant benefits for British Columbians.

These projects have chosen BC not only for their abundance of resource potential, but because of their educated and skilled workforce, stability, and access to world markets. It is important to focus on the tremendous potential these projects have for the province and how these projects can help shape our future prosperity. Some may promote misconstrued negative images around these projects. I like to believe that a majority of the general public is smarter than that. They understand that resource demand is created by people, not corporations, and as long as there is demand, BC is the best place to supply it.

Both of these projects take resources extracted from within BC and utilize them in a manner that adds the most economic value for the resource. This in turn means the greatest job creation, highest tax revenue and best GDP for British Columbia. It is important that this message is spread. BC resources should equal BC jobs. This is why these projects should have your support and this is why you should care. Stand behind these projects, make the silent majority the vocal majority, and make your voice heard.

Dan Rae

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