I Hate Negativity

I Hate Negativity

There is a pandemic going on. It is wide spread and no medical professional can find a cure. The virus I’m speaking of is negativity – I hate negativity. This virus solely targets the development of any and all resource development. It is running rampant and we must act to eradicate it. If negativity is the virus then NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard) is the disease. Through years of evolution and public inaction NIMBYism has evolved to a super disease. One even more contagious and devasting. It is the disease of BANANA’s. Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone is the new normal and it is causing a shut down of our economy.

There is only one way to beat this disease and it is by focusing on the positives of the resource industry. BC has vast amounts of protected forest reserves, strict watershed protection, huge renewable electricity production and thorough environmental, social and economic reviews. It makes any resource development in this province a world leader almost by default, by any metric. By no means is it perfect. There are always improvements, and industry is always evolving, but to just say no to everything doesn’t make any sense. If positivity is the cure, we must look at how BC’s resource development in mining, forestry, agriculture, renewable electricity production or oil & gas can improve this province. Job creation is an obvious benefit that is frequently touted; although important it isn’t the only positive. Increased taxes, GDP, wealth generation, and quality of life also grow with new resource development.

 If we want to squash this disease we also need to focus on the less obvious positives. With new resource development in BC, there becomes opportunity for technological research and development by entrepreneurs, academics and industry professionals who now have access to local funding, clientele, and other resources to develop their technologies. Natural resource development creates more economic certainty and self-dependence. It provides quality of life in rural communities, diversifies the economy, and creates new businesses and industries that were never originally envisioned. However, the most important of all benefits to me is that BC can be viewed as a world leader. Not by inaction, but by action, leading by example and showing the world a new way of doing business. A new way to develop natural resources, socially, economically, and environmentally responsibly.

It is for these reasons, this positive outlook, that we can beat this virus that is negativity. This is why I support the development of BC’s natural resources. It is why I speak out for the silent majority, and why I want to see BC resources developed to create BC jobs. It is why I encourage everyone to speak and why you should care. I hate negativity so let’s beat this virus and get the economy going again.

Dan Rae

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