What is the British Columbia Resources Coalition (BCRC)?

The BCRC advocates for the sustainable development of natural resources in British Columbia while preserving our environment.  We believe in the responsible management of our natural resources to create jobs for current and future generations.  We work through communities, indigenous organizations and governments to promote engagement of all stakeholders.  We promote the development of world-class environmental stewardship, manufacturing technologies, and education. Our goal is to ensure we have strong local and provincial legislation for the protection and sovereignty of BC’s natural resource value-added sector to develop a diverse industrial hub in the resource industry.

How will the BCRC benefit me or my company?

The BCRC advocates for local contractors to be included on large projects in our region. BC resource projects and developments should be awarded to proponents that contract local companies. We are working to have BC resources responsibly developed and refined within the borders of BC, by BC people. This creates value-add opportunity in our local communities that support the development and growth of BC’s human resource through training and technical programs while providing sustainable employment for generations.

What is my membership fee used for?

The BCRC is a non-profit society so all our board members are volunteers, but this does not mean there isn’t an operating cost. Membership fees are used to promote the BCRC and further our mandate.  The fees collected can be used in many ways from research and training, marketing and advertisement, fundraising and open houses; to name a few.

How can I become more involved?

As a Full or Corporate Member of the BCRC you are given direct access to the Board of Directors and the ability to provide feedback or suggestions. We encourage our Full Members to participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as there will be an opportunity to vote on the board of directors and influence the direction that the BCRC will head in the coming year.

What are the requirements for a project to be supported by the BCRC?

The BCRC will assess each project individually to determine if the project aligns with our vision. Factors include environmental impact, the potential for utilizing local infrastructure & contractors, the economical value brought to the region and location to name a few. The BCRC values feedback from our members and encourage our members to reach out to us via our website and social media to provide input.

What are some of the events that I will see the BCRC attending?

The BCRC will be focused on Natural Resource and Project Development events across the region. Events and their dates will be shared on our website and social media pages as we register for them.

Where can I learn more about the projects that the BCRC is advocating for?

Projects that the BCRC are advocating for can be found “here”. Our members are also provided information fact sheets for each project. Project owners may also be guests on The BCRC Show where they can provide the public an opportunity to learn more and ask questions.

Where can I watch episodes of The BCRC Show?

The BCRC has a YouTube channel that all the episodes from The BCRC Show are uploaded on. They can also be found on our Facebook page.