Success Equals Helping Others to Succeed

Listen Then Decide It is profound that Prince George is currently being presented with so many amazing opportunities for the city. At the moment several projects are proposed that would be best-in-class, modern facilities: bringing jobs, knowledge and wealth to the region. At the BCRC we support new innovative ideas that can bring about change,…

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Is BC Gas Subsidized? (Part II)

Last week I discussed a report titled: Locked In and Losing Out: British Columbia’s fossil fuel subsidies1. It is well over a year old but is still being pushed by anti-industry groups claiming that BC’s tax system is unfair and grossly over-subsidizing the oil and gas industry. I reviewed the entities behind this report and…

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Is BC Gas Subsidized? (Part I)

It is becoming a common narrative in the news to hear that the BC government is subsidizing the oil and gas industry to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. This isn’t new news; it comes from a report more than a year old that studied BC’s 2017/2018 fiscal year and came…

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Financial Viability Doesn't Matter

Financial Viability Doesn’t Matter

The movement of absolute objectionist’s is organized and strategic in their apparent goals to reject any and all proposed natural resource projects. The latest trend appears to be in targeting the financial viability of any proposed project. Last I checked, we are a society of capitalism. Industry, trade and financial decisions are controlled by private…

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What Happens When We Say Yes

What Happens When We Say Yes? July 2020, by Trudy Klassen Saying “Yes” to resource development means saying “Yes” to: The device you are reading this on The glasses you may be using to read your favourite books The chair you are sitting on The clothes you are wearing The shelter you were born under…

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Oil and gas

BC Needs Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals play an important role in our everyday lives. This mostly goes unnoticed as we don’t realize how many things are actually derived from petrochemicals.

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